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 Sadly enough JUST HAVING FUN MUSIC was demolished in April of 2010 Link to all the old answering machine tapes from RFM tm  and JHFM-we are now ROCKING FUN MUSIC tm in SWEET OLD BURLINGTON, WI 

22 Page Treatment available Request@ kidkel_69@yahoo.com

It's Friday , I'm in the community kitchen,  located in the back of the store. I am  mixing powdered bleach and activator liquid. Janey {the owner of Just Having Fun Music } is pulling her purple Victoria Secret sweater over her head. I throw her an old Bryan Adams shirt I was going to sell. She puts the shirt on and lights up a 120. I exit and run into the store front and snuff out the cigarette she already has lit. Jim hates it when we dub the community kitchen into a salon. Just Having Fun Music is a family owned music store and rock bottom rooming house. We are located in a historical small town in south eastern Wisconsin. A rocking retail and consignment shop. The central hang out. We have all THE LOW DOWN!(hush) Reality Rock... Janey is getting ready to go home to the condo in Chicago to see Tony. I have only met Tony once in the ten years I've worked for Janey. He is a business man from Chicago. He looks like Ralph Lauren . I call him Charlie because I only talk to him on the phone. All I know about Tony is he drives a 2005 corvette and buys Janey all her diamonds. Janey says "What happen in Chicago stays in Chicago." I am streaking Janeys' hair blonde for the 4th time this month and the entire building reeks of the Wal-mart hair dye sale. I am painting Janeys' hair with a small saxophone cleaning brush.  I put on a Neil Young album, hey hey, my my, rock and roll will... "Kel, turn that shit off before I freak out. Janey removes the needle from the record. The only music store around that you have to sneak listening to music. Janey says she hears music in her head all the time. It drives her crazy and usually causes a screaming fit. I put the needle back. "Janey, I am listening to music or you can do your own hair!" She knows I'll  walk- it's Friday and I'm doing her a favor. On most days,  the second she leaves to go shopping at the Salvation Army,  I crank some Cheap Trick , open a Rolling Stone Magazine, and grab a Busch NA that  I stashed.  cranked at 11....Gonna Raise Hell... Janey will watch the surveillance tapes and threaten to fire me for the fifteenth time this month.

"Janey, "When I get famous, Paris Hilton will be my new best friend. She'll  be nice to me." Janeys' eyes squint , a look of distaste appears across her face. She looks behind and up at me ,as I'm pulling the goop across her already blonde hair with the cleaning brush. Janey expresses  as if it just occurred  to her, " God You' re my best friend." "That's pathetic!" Wow,  she really pissed me off with that spiteful statement. "You wait and see Janey,   "Someday I am going to be on the  cover of The Rolling Stone with Paris Hilton or Kid Rock  and a  Chihuahua I'm going to name JAZ!"

HOP THE CRAZY TRAIN TO REALITY ROCK SHOP!  We have more chaos in one day then the Osbourne's Have all year. Your small town music store and rock bottom rental unit.  Now, the world can see inside this mad music store!

STOP Eminent Domain  In rememberance of the DEMOLITION of national historical site JUST HAVING FUN MUSIC  by Janey Hoerneman located at 209 and 213 E. Chestnut St. Burlington, WI Stand up for your property rights -under Statute 943 ALL in ALL , AREN'T WE JUST BRICKS IN THE  WALL?  Rocking Fun Music tm Records , is the first ever Youtube reality show, filmed in Tony Romo's hometown, in Burlington , WI -since 2006 .Kellie Levans , the creator of the series , Rocking Fun Music tm Records. With a little help from her friends, opened up a teen outreach and music hang-out at 549 N. Pine St. in Burlington, WI September of 2011 Rocking fun Music tm Records written and developed  by- Kellie Levans-Courtnie Schmidt-1st on-line reality show  based on 2 mad music stores

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